Kittens for sale in Bournemouthkittens for sale in Bournemouth

Kittens make fantastic companions but you must remember they are a very important long term member of the family, so much consideration and long term commitment is needed. If you're looking for kitten for sale in Bournemouth then give Fiveways a call today.

We do not source kittens from breeders, but from local citySC people with kittens in need of loving homes.


Kittens are sold from the age of 8 weeks as we feel it is important that kittens stay with their mothers until such age, as their mothers milk contains beneficial nutrients and vitamins to ensure healthy growth and a good start in life.





Dietkittens to buy in Bournemouth

It is important not to change the diet of your kitten as this can be dangerous. Change of diet may result with diahorrea which can lead to serious dehydration.

Do not handle kittens after they have eaten.

Feed little and often over 3 small feeds as kittens have only small stomachs.


Kittens are born harbouring worms. During pregnancy hormone activity stimulates the larvae in the mother cat, later these mature causing pre and post natal worm infection in the litter.

Kittens are wormed in the shop at 8 weeks of age but they must also receive treatment at 10 and 12 weeks, and thereafter every 3 months to combat roundworm and tapeworm.

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