Budgies for sale in Bournemouth

Budgies make fantastic pets and long term companions, they're cheeky and playful and can really bond with their owners. We have Budgies for sale in Bournemouth most of the time so please get in touch to find out more.

Budgies are very small parakeets and with patience and dedication may mimic words and become very friendly.budgies for sale in Bournemouth


Clean fresh water must be made available at all times.

Budgies are fed on a seed mixture that is comprised mainly of canary and millet seed.

Budgies also enjoy fresh millet as a treat, a couple of strands a week is sufficient.

Cuttlefish bone is a valuable source of calcium and provides an easy source of minerals for your budgie.

Tonics may also be purchased during moult to improve plumage, and replenish feather growth.

Oyster grit provides minerals and allows birds to grind their food in the gullet.

Greens contain essential minerals and vitamins, but must be given in small amounts.

Chickweed, Dandelion, Groundsel, Sheperds Purse and Spinach.birds for sale Bournemouth


Budgies need enough room to spread out their wings and move around freely, so the larger your cage the happier your bird will be.

An outdoor aviary attached to a garden shed for shelter is an also adequate place for budgies to allow flight for budgies kept outdoors.

If keeping indoors sandperch covers are necessary to allow birds to wear down claws naturally.

Sand paper or wooden pellets may be used to catch feaceas , and must be cleaned regularly.

It is ideal to use a bird safe disinfectant to clean bacteria and viruses as household products may be harmful to your pet.

For all your budgie supplies in Bournemouth give Fiveways Pets a call.

Do not keep cage birds in a draft or in direct sunlight.

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