Hamsters for sale in BournemouthHamsters for sale in Bournemouth

Hamsters are fantastic pets and small companions.

We source our hamsters from a clean, reputable establishment.

Some hamsters are also sourced from local reputable breeders.

If you live in Bournemouth and are looking for hamster then please get in touch.


Fresh water must be available at all times.

All hamsters are fed on hamster delight, a quality mixture of corn, pellets, maize, peas, sunflower, peanuts, locust beans and corn, containing sufficient vitamins and minerals for your hamster.

While green food fresh lettuce and sprouts are a welcome addition to their diet only small quantities can be given.

Mineral stones and licks are an important addition to your hamster’s diets as they will provide extra minerals and vitamins.

Wooden chews also help alleviate boredom or willow sticks are given to chew, this will also help maintain healthy teeth and gums.


Your hamster cage should be spacious and well ventilated, ideally cages with bars instead of plastic or glass.

Hamsters are very active so ladders, tubes, wheels help make an ideal playground.Hamster Cage suppliers in Bournemouth

It is important hamsters are kept at an even room temperature. They should not be situated in a draft or in direct sunlight.

It is necessary to clean your hamsters out at least twice a week, and ensure your hamsters sleeping quarters are always dry.

It is ideal to use a small animal disinfectant when cleaning, as household products contain dangerous chemicals that may harm your pet. Small animal disinfectant is designed to kill bacteria and viruses to maintain a clean safe home.

Hamsters may be litter trained which can help reduce odours and improve hygiene. 

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