Guineapigs for sale in Bournemouth

Guineapigs make lovely pets, small and gentle natured, they are inquisitive, very vocal. All our guineapigs are sourced from local reputable breeders.

We do not believe in sourcing guineapigs from farms as they are often overbred; which can be a contributing factor to health problems.Guinea pigs to buy in Bournemouth


Water must be made available fresh at all times.

Guinea pigs are fed on a mix of gertie guinea which contains alf-alfa and cereals containing vitamins and minerals.

Hay is a beneficial fibre to help promote digestion and dental health and is an important part of their diet.

A salt wheel should be made available to improve your guineapigs metabolism.

Fresh greens are an essential part of a guineapigs diet.

Safe greens

Asparagus, banana, basil, brussel sprouts, cauliflower leaves, celery, kale, parsley, savoy cabbage and spinach.


Guineapigs will live indoors or outdoors, but are sensitive to temperature. Over the winter you will need to move your guineapigs inside e.g a shed , and keep them out of the hot sun in summer.guineapigs for sale in Bournemouth

Your hutch must be at least five times the length of your guineapigs, but the more space the better.

Outdoor guineapigs should be cleaned at least two times a week and a warm bed of chopped straw given to sleep in.

If you have an Indoor guineapig ensure wires are out of the way to prevent injury on your guineapigs outings. Again indoor cages should provide adequate space and should be cleaned regularly.

Small animal pellets can be used to reduce odour or a litter tray.

It is ideal to use small/animal disinfectant to kill bacteria and viruses as it contains no harmful chemicals which may harm your pet.

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