Rabbits for sale in Bournemouth

Rabbits make fantastic pets and long term companions. All our rabbits are sourced from local reputable breeders, or are bred by ourselves.rabbits for sale in Bournemouth

We do not believe in sourcing rabbits from breeding farms, as often overbreeding is the cause of many health problems.


Water must be available fresh at all times.

Rabbits need a high level of fibre in their diet for dental, digestive and emotional well being.

All rabbits are fed on junior/dwarf excel which are a single component which are high in beneficial fibre which means they are great for digestive health, and contain vitamins,,minerals and prebiotics to help with healthy eyes, skin and coat.

Hay is also a beneficial fibre to help digeation and dental health.

Fibrevores can also be fed fresh greens to give additional nutrients.


Banana, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower Leaves, Chicory, Kale, Parsley, Savoy Cabbage and Dried Danelion Leaves.

Do not feed anything that holds a large water content.


If you are having an outdoor hutch ensure it is tall enough for your rabbit to stand on its back legs and large enough for your rabbit to take at least three to four hops in each direction.rabbits for sale in Bournemouth

A four foot minimum, this should be cleaned at least two times a week with fresh shavings and a warm bed of straw to sleep in and keep warm.

It is ideal to use an animal safe disinfectant when cleaning, as many household products contain dangerous chemicals which may harm your pet. Small animal disinfectant kills many viruses and bacteria to maintain a healthy safe clean home.

If you have an indoor bunny ensure you have proofed your home, hide any wires to prevent injuries on your rabbits excursions in the home. Ensure your indoor cage is an adequate size 120cm minimum and is cleaned regularly.

Small animal pellets can be used to reduce odours or a corner litter tray to isolate mess and droppings.

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