Chinchillas for sale in Bournemouth

Chinchillas are timid creatures, but with plenty of gentle handling they will become a wonderful, lively, inquisitive long term pet.chinchilla for sale in Bournemouth

Chinchillas are nocturnal creatures so come out to play after school and work.


Fresh water must be available at all times.

Chinchillas need a high level of fibre in their diet for dental, digestive and emotional well-being.

Chinchillas are fed on pellets to provide them with essential vitamins and minerals.

Hay is a beneficial fibre and should be given daily to help digestion and dental health.

Fibrevores can also be given fresh fruit and veg to provide additional nutrients but should only be fed in small amounts.

Safe greens:

Apple, Carrot, Grapes, Orange, Plum, Squash and Raisons.

Cuttlefish is a brilliant source of calcium to ensure dental health.

Willow sticks and wooden chews are also important for dental health.


Chinchillas are busy, active and inquisitive so the larger the cage the happier your chinchilla.Chinchilla food suppliers in Bournemouth

Wire cages are best, as it will prevent them from gnawing their way out. Plastic and wooden cages are not advisable as they may be destroyed by continuous chewing.

Ensure cages have branches, solid shelves and a small box to nest in.

Chinchillas must be kept indoors.chinchillas for sale in Bournemouth

It is important to clean your cage regularly at least once a week. Sawdust or wood pellets may be used at the base to absorb urine.

It is ideal to use a small animal safe disinfectant when cleaning as many household chemicals contain dangerous chemicals that may harm your pet. Small animal disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses providing a safe home for your pet.

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